CISA Alumni Bring Home Honors at 2013 College Sailing Nationals

2013 college nationals start

The 2013 College Sailing National Championships recently wrapped up in St. Petersburg, Florida but not before our CISA Alumni walked away with a handful of awards.

A committee of coaches who represent the seven conferences in the ICSA selects the ICSA All-America Team. For selecting the All-Americans the committee evaluates a competitor based on their competitive record in inter-conference competition as well as conference and national championships. The committee analyzes how this record compares to fellow competitors, the quality of the competition the record was achieved in, the span of the record over the fall and spring seasons, results achieved with different crews, and how the record compares to previous All-American winners in past years. Tonight the 2,000th All-American was named.

For All-American crew selections, the committee uses criteria similar to skipper selection, but also considers: demonstrated leadership (may consider seniority), outstanding body mechanics and boat handling skills as well as proven ability to improve the results of the skipper(s) with whom he or she sails.

CISA Alumni on the 2013 ICSA All-America Team2013 all americans

ICSA Honorable Mention Coed All-Americans
Chris Segerblom (Costa Mesa, Calif.), Yale University ‘14
Ben Spector (Santa Clarita, Calif.), College of Charleston ‘13

ICSA Coed All-Americans
Chris Barnard (Newport Beach, Calif.), Georgetown University ‘13
Nevin Snow (San Diego, Calif.), Georgetown University ‘16
Oliver Toole (Santa Barbara, Calif.), Stanford University ‘14

ICSA Crew All-Americans
Carissa Crawford (San Diego, Calif.), Dartmouth College ‘14
Haley Kirk (Long Beach, Calif.), Stanford University ‘15
Heather May (Newport Beach, Calif.), Yale University ‘13
Kayla McComb (Newport Beach, Calif.), St. Mary’s College of Maryland ‘13
Laura McKenna (Palo Alto, Calif.), Boston College ’13
Avery Plough (Portola Valle, Calif.), Dartmouth College ‘14

ICSA Women’s All-Americans
Claire Dennis (Saratoga, Calif.), Yale University ’13
Kayla McComb (Newport Beach, Calif.), St. Mary’s College of Maryland ’13

Everett B. Morris College Sailor of the Year Finalists
Chris Barnard (Newport Beach, Calif.), Georgetown University ’13

The winner of the Leonard M. Fowle Trophy for best overall collegiate team is Yale University. The team with the most Fowle points, which are compiled results of the ICSA Women’s Singlehanded, Men’s Singlehanded, Match Racing, Coed Semi-Finals, Women’s, Team Racing, and Coed National Championships, determines the Fowle trophy. Yale had a successful competitive year including placing second at the 2012 ICSA Match Race National Championship, winning the Western Coed Semi-Finals and winning the 2013 ICSA/APS Team Race National Championship.

Christopher Segerblom (Newport Beach, Calif.), is the captain of the Yale Sailing Team and other CISA alumni on the team are Charlotte Belling, Claire Dennis, Katherine Gaumond, Marly Isler, and Heather May.

Congratulations to all of our College Sailors on a great 2012-2013 season!

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