The California International Sailing Foundation (CISA), is a California non-profit corporation qualified as tax exempt under IRC section 501(c)(3) that assists amateur sailors in the training for and participation in international, national and intersectional competition including Olympic Games and World Championships.

Sailing is a unique, individual expression of physical and intellectual talent. As a sport it is also a team and community effort. When any one member of our sailing community excels, we all benefit - we learn from their experiences and our own mastery of wind, sea and sail increases

Contributions to CISA provide the means for California’s outstanding amateur racers to attain and hold a competitive edge over their rivals. Already they are good, with CISA’s help, they can be better!

Contributions to CISA are an expression of support for young and talented sailors. Unlike other nations, the U.S. has no federally-supported assistance programs for its amateur sportsmen or for the development of young talent.

The Mission Statement of the California International Sailing Association (CISA): “To received, administer and expend funds for scientific and educational purposes by assisting in the training of amateur yachtsmen of the State of California for participation in international, national and intersectional competition, including the Olympic Games, the Pan American Games and the America’s Cup Series.”

Donations go into a general fund and are used at the discretion of the Board of Directors toward CISA's goals of supporting junior sailing efforts. Each year, the board sets financial goals and the dollars are put to good use in areas displaying the greatest need. Contributions support the following CISA functions:

• CISA Advanced Race Clinic - a national renowned youth developmental clinic for top level sailors held each April. 100-120 sailors under the age of 19 are selected via resume to participate in this 4 day high level clinic with a world class crew of coaches, physical trainer and guest speakers.

• Orange Bowl Regatta - CISA provides coaches and limited grants to California youth sailors participating in the Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta and the Open Orange Bowl Regatta held in Miami each December. For many of the sailors this is their first experience with an international event and CISA assists by providing coaches and preparation guidance to allow the sailors to succeed on the water.

• Windsurfing Clinic - In an effort to continue to expose California youth sailors to the Olympic pathways CISA runs a Windsurfing Clinic in conjunction with the St. Francis Yacht Club to introduce dinghy sailors to competitive windsurfing and train windsurfers so they will be ready to compete on the world stage.

• Thanksgiving Clinic - Each Thanksgiving weekend CISA invites a handful of I420 and 29er sailors to participate in a small clinic to prepare these sailors for their class championships and the Youth World Qualifiers. Sailors are taught how to prepare for an international regatta, how to set up their boat and run an effective training session with a small number of boats.

• Pacific Coast High School Sailing - Over 90 high schools in California and Hawaii have active high school sailing programs. CISA has been able to assist in the purchase of 40 suits of sails for the Pacific Coast program to put all major regattas on the same level. High School sailing is the fastest growing portion of sailing in the US introducing and encouraging more young people to enter the sport.

• Hawaii Assistance - Grants to assist Hawaii sailors to attend the CISA clinic and various high school sailing events has helped encourage youth sailors to be competitive with the California sailors

• Community Assistance - CISA has been able to give grants to local community sailing programs in California further giving access to thousands of people interested in sailing.

• International Sailing - Through generous donations and wise investing, CISA has been able to give travel grants to many of California’s top sailors who need to travel outside the US to compete on the international level. For many this is a first step to determining if they will continue on to an Olympic campaign.

For tax purposes our FEIN is 95-2666948