2016 CISA Advanced Racing Clinic

Longest Standing Junior Clinic in the USA. Legendary. Salty. Fun

April 2-5, 2016








Since 1978 the CISA clinic has been teaching the nation’s best sailors how to do it better. Focused on the Olympic track, the CISA training has fostered sailors to win over dozens of olympic medals, countless world and continental titles, and to promote the Corinthian spirit. The clinic has a long tradition of great coaches and legendary sailing. The venue at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club is perfect for classroom setting with ocean access. Conditions can be anywhere from idyllic fair weather sailing to big-breeze with ocean swell. Attendees of this clinic will leave with a full notebook, tired bodies, and big smiles.



April 2-5, 2016



Alamitos Bay Yacht Club



This clinic is held in Laser Radials & Laser Standard, International 420's, Club 420's, and 29ers.  It is a BRING YOUR OWN BOAT Clinic, although limited charter boats are available for most classes.  



Lasers & Radials: VELA LA, or call 562.243.8820

C420’s: San Diego Yacht Club, John Fretwell, or call 619-758-6320

I420’s CISA Office



Applicants who have not graduated from high school are selected based upon their resume of events over the previous 2 years. This is a very intense, high-level program. Sailors must be comfortable handling their boats in open waters with winds in excess of 20kts.


Participation will be limited and is by application and acceptance only.  Acceptances will be posted by 5pm PST March 1, 2016.   Teams should not make any travel arrangements until the acceptance list is posted.



The online application/resume builder will be up and running on December 1, 2015.  Deadline for applications is 5pm PST February 1, 2016.  No late applications will be accepted.



The 4 day program will consist of lectures and on-the-water drills boat handling technique, boatspeed and strategy.  This will be combined with information on what it takes to reach your goals in sailing.


The 4 day program will consist of lectures and on-the-water drills with an emphasis on tactics, strategy, sail trim, boatspeed, etc., together with information on what is important for developing a successful Olympic campaign. Coaches utilize daily video footage, archival footage, chalk talks, land demos and on-the-water exercises. Nightly guest speakers and presentations round out the experience by showing the sailors what other avenues of sailing are available to them.


The Clinic Director is Robbie Dean and the onsite coaches range from current Olympic Athletes and Team Coaches, Professional Sailors and Professional Coaches.  List of confirmed coaches: Jonny Goldsberry, Zack Maxam, Adam Corpuz, Lahne, Bora Gulari, more TBA


It’s a full day program 0800 to 2000h daily with showers, food, spare parts, all on-site. Sailors are required to stay for the full day, every day.



Will be posted by March 1



Entry Fees: $500 per sailor.

Cost includes:




Boat launch

Lunch and Dinner (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tuesday lunch and snack only)


List of past coaches include:

Nick Adamson, Ben Ainsle, Peter Alarie, Ed Baird, Sally Barkow, Cameron Biehl, Graham Biehl, Brian Bissell, Allie Blecher, Sydney Bolger, Zack Brown, Kevin Burnham, Tom Burnham, Alex Camet, Andrew Campbell, Jacqueline Campbell, Molly Carapiet, Nigel Cochrane, Brett Davis, Robbie Dean, Adam Deermount, Brian Doyle, John Farrar, Rich Feeny, JJ Fetter, Kevin Goyan, Kevin Hall, Howard Hamlin, Carisa Harris-Adamson, Casey Hogan, David Housier, Dave Hughes, Peter Isler, Mike Kalin, Jay Kehoe, Tom Kinney, Zander Kirkland, Elizabeth Kratzig, Randy Lake, Harry Legum, Alice Leonard, Zack Leonard, Andrew Lewis, Adam Lowry, Jamie Malm, Zack Maxam, Charlie McKee, Charlie McKee, Stu McNay, Joey Mello, Pete Melvin, Ryan Minth, Jimmer Montgomery, Hannah Nattrass Biehl, Molly O’Bryan Vandemoer, Dave Perry, Zach Railey, Stephanie Roble, Jon Rogers, Ron Rosenburg, Steve Rosenburg, Lisa Ross, John Shadden, Ed Smythe, Fuzz Spanhake, Leandro Spina, Brian Stanford, Cy Thompson, Peter Wells, Skip Whyte, Dave Wright, David Wright, Mike Zani, Andy Zinn





Checks for $500 PER SAILOR should be made out to CISA and included with the above forms.  Checks and forms must be recieved before any applications will be reviewed.  Mail everything to:


2812 Canon Street

San Diego, CA  92106