CISA will provide coaches at the 2013 Orange Bowl Regatta for qualified fleets.  All California sailors are welcome to attend the morning and afternoon meetings; however on the water coaching will be for the larger fleets only (C420, Radial & others TBA).

Sailor’s requesting a grant to attend the regatta may fill out the separate CISA grant request form and submit it by 1700hrs October 31, 2013 for consideration.  Grants are not guaranteed.  They will be provided on an as needed basis and will not exceed $250.

Each sailor must fill out their own application (please mom and dad let them do it!).  In doublehanded boats please only put down the name of your skipper/crew.  Teams may apply even if one team member is 1) out of high school or 2) not a California resident, however funding will only be granted to sailors from California who are currently in high school or younger.  

2013 Grant & Coaching Recipients